Name: Phoebe
Nickname(s): Too many too count. Make one of your own for me! 😀
Age: IMMORTAL (JK I was born in ’94)
Location: The land of igloos and maple syrup.
Occupation: High school student
Interests: Makeup artistry, fashion, nail design, visual arts, Asian music (Jrock, Jpop, Kpop), the GazettE ♥, food, dessert, specialty drinks (Cappuccino, bubble tea, red bean ice crush etc), traveling
Music: the GazettE, X Japan, SCREW, Versailles, Miyavi, SHINee, DBSK, -OZ-, DELUHI, Alice Nine, ViViD, Luzmelt, Spiv States, Super Junior, 2NE1, etc…
Likes: Drawing, going out to eat and drink with friends, having a good time, chilling
Dislikes: Chatspeak, douchebaggery, over defensive fans, close-mindedness, boredom

About Me

Why hello thar. My name is Phoebe. But you can make up your own nickname for me if you like =)

I’m a girl who hates boredom and loves excitement. I’m a pretty chill person but I’m also quite sarcastic. I love many things, many styles, many subjects, even though I’m such a lazyass procrastinator.

I strive for the great things in life. I got big dreams. People who try to discourage me only makes me want to prove my worth even more.

On a more personal note, I love fashion, both high fashion and street fashion, and also makeup artistry. I hope to become a well established makeup artist doing makeup for runway, print & tv, among other areas because makeup is something I would love to do at any time of the day. My style is a mixture of most styles because I can’t just settle for one. I love so many different aspects of various styles, so I try my best to put them together.

Lastly, I may not sound like it, but I’m hella weird. Meet my irl and you’d figure it out pretty quickly =)
I love making sound effects and just making random noise in general 😀

Oh and I love the GazettE ♥ They are fucking amazing.
They have such a big impact on my life and I am VERY proud of them.
I will support them through and through ♥


One Response to “PROFILE ★”

  1. kamelove 2010/07/20 at 8:05 pm #

    cool blog! just saw your post about Dir en Grey’s N.A. tour on tokyohive (Canadian here too) 😀

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